Airbus A319 CJ

Cabin Interior Change to Metric Units
  • 27'6"

    Luggage Capacity
Additional Specifications
  • Enclosed Lacatory
  • Entertainment Centre
  • Pressured Cabin
  • Flight Attendant

Aircraft Detail

A modified version of the commercial A319 aircraft, the A319 CJ is not quite as long, yet can travel further. The corporate version can usually hold up to 19 passengers, but interior configurations can vary hugely. Other iterations (illustrated below) include 29, 34 and 48 seater planes. The cabin in the corporate version is typically divided into VIP accommodation, complete with an office, bathroom, including a stand-up shower, and bed, plus a high-density passenger seating area.

Charter a Airbus A319 CJ
Cabin Layout

At a glance Change to Metric Units

  • 5654 Miles
  • 528 mp/h
    Cruise Speed
  • 19
  • No Entertainment Centre

Charter a Airbus A319 CJ