Bombardier CRJ 900

Cabin Interior Change to Metric Units
  • 6'2"

    Cabin Height
  • 8'5"

    Cabin Width
  • 69'5"

    Cabin Length
  • 82'6"

    Luggage Capacity
Additional Specifications
  • Enclosed Lacatory
  • Entertainment Centre
  • Pressured Cabin
  • Flight Attendant

Aircraft Detail

Designed to hold 86-90 passengers in a 4-abreast configuration with two lavatories and a galley as standard. It can also be configured with 3-abreast business-class seating. Bombardier developed a new larger winglet and improved aerodynamics that give it excellent takeoff, climb, cruise and landing performance.

Charter a Bombardier CRJ 900
Cabin Layout

At a glance Change to Metric Units

  • 1553 Miles
  • 547 mp/h
    Cruise Speed
  • 90
  • Entertainment Centre

Charter a Bombardier CRJ 900