Cessna Citation CJ2

Cabin Interior Change to Metric Units
  • 4'9"

    Cabin Height
  • 4'9"

    Cabin Width
  • 14'11"

    Cabin Length
  • 5'5"

    Luggage Capacity
Additional Specifications
  • Enclosed Lacatory
  • Entertainment Centre
  • Pressured Cabin
  • Flight Attendant

Aircraft Detail

The Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ2 Plus is based on the design of the CJ1 but has 20 per cent more cabin space and adjustable, reclining seats for more comfort and leg room. Compared to the original CJ2, the newer CJ2 Plus has better avionics and a faster cruise speed.

Charter a Cessna Citation CJ2
Cabin Layout

At a glance Change to Metric Units

  • 1778 Miles
  • 471 mp/h
    Cruise Speed
  • 6
  • No Entertainment Centre

Charter a Cessna Citation CJ2