Gulfstream G450

Cabin Interior Change to Metric Units
  • 6'2"

    Cabin Height
  • 7'4"

    Cabin Width
  • 40'3"

    Cabin Length
  • 15'8"

    Luggage Capacity
Additional Specifications
  • Enclosed Lacatory
  • Entertainment Centre
  • Pressured Cabin
  • Flight Attendant

Aircraft Detail

A descendant of the impressive Gulfstream GIV, the G450 is an upgrade of what was already an outstanding business jet. With smart interior touches, sofas, tables and cabin designs able to accommodate up to 16 passengers, with berthing for six, the G450 provides extreme comfort throughout. Its intercontinental range enables the G450 to take you from North America to Western Europe.

Charter a Gulfstream G450
Cabin Layout

At a glance Change to Metric Units

  • 5008 Miles
  • 528 mp/h
    Cruise Speed
  • 14
  • Entertainment Centre

Charter a Gulfstream G450