Safety above industry standards

The safety of our clients and members is of paramount importance to us.

All StarJets flights are operated under the FAA Part 135 and Part 121 certificate or their international equivalent and are flown by pilots holding a valid commercial ATPL license fully trained in the aircraft type they are flying.

StarJets offers access to a very diversified fleet of aircraft on global basis. Every operator is audited by the relevant aviation authority in order to maintain a valid AOC (Air Operator Certificate), necessary to operate a commercial charter flight.

The FAA Part 135 regulations governing on-demand charter operations are very stringent. StarJets maintain safety standards that go beyond FAA Part 135 regulations especially with regards to pilots’ qualifications, crew training and crew total time in a specific aircraft type.

Every aircraft and crew goes through a long and specific independent audit to guarantee efficiency, quality of service and safety. Such audits are performed by leading aviation consulting firms such as Wyvern and (ARG/US).

In addition StarJets also verifies the operator’s certificate of insurance, so if requested the members can check the amount of liability insurance that the aircraft operator has.

We are dedicated to giving our clients superior levels of operational safety and security. So to participate in the StarJets Card program charter operators are required to pass audits covering a wide range of operations and maintenance procedure including:

  • Having a modern fleet of aircraft with the latest avionics  and safety device such as TCAD/TCAS, FMS, and TAWS/GPWS.
  • Pass regulatory documentation checks including insurance certificates.
  • Make detailed pilot and crew information available on an regular basis including training records.
  • Pass maintenance checks and uphold progressive maintenance on every aircraft.
  • Operations checks – to evaluate the expertise of aircraft operations staff.
  • Meet the safety standards of Aviation Research Group U.S. (ARG/US) and maintain no less than a Gold rating*

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